A clear mind

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A clear mind

When your mind can be as clear as the sky, you got the key to happiness.


A little extra

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A little extra

What makes all the differences between success and failure?

A little extra time & A little extra effort.

In life

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In life

In life, always remember when to stop, when to get ready and when to give it a go.


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They said time is only an illusion, but sometimes these illusions are too good to put down.

I wouldn’t mind to bring it with me to walk along for a while.

Don’t Listen 3

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Don't Listen 3

Don’t listen if Someone says you are limited in any way.

Your flexibility and potentials are so much more than you know.

Don’t listen 2

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Don't listen 2

Don’t listen if someone says you can’t do what you love to do and earn a living from it.

I love the rain 1

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Because it drenches couples with soaking joy. It is the smell of love in the rain.

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