Taiwan Day 3 – Sunny Taipei

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Taiwan Day 3 - Sunny Taipei

It was a sunny day, I felt the warmth from the sunshine and from my heart.


Taiwan day 2- food food food and food

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Taiwan day 1 – broken suitcase

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Behind the door

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Behind the door

Last week, the elevator door opened, I saw my lovely teammate. Today, I opened the office, I saw my boss.

All in a sudden, I realized it has been 3 months I don’t have a teammate work with me together in the office on a daily bases. I am fine to work alone but I do miss seeing familiar faces.

However, their support to me is 100%, even they are not around much, it makes me treasure the time when they are around.

She said…

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She said...

“Don’t Sigh.”

Faith – when you believe

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Faith - when you believe

Faith is taking the 1st step even when you don’t see the whole staircase.

— Martin Luther King, Jr.


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Happiness is having a great deep sleep.

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