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Things would be so different if the government chose to come out to listen, and respond to the voice of people.


Being a Hong Konger

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Critical days in HK. We are fighting for our democracy while the government stupidly demonstrating what “ridiculous” means to the world.

Using tears gas against protesters who only uses umbrella, mask and plastic wrap as protection, and claims those protection materials as “well prepared lethal equipment” … Shame to have such government that uses violence rather than open conversation to respond the demands from HK citizens! But I am proud of HKers as all protesters are voicing their demand  through peace and calmness.

We need leaders, not misleaders!


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A real relationship always has fights, trust, faith, tears, pain, argument, patience, secrets, jealousy and love. A healthy relationship requires maturity, empathy and open communication.


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Being happy doesn’t mean everything is perfect, it means you’ve decided to look beyond the imperfections. I guess it’s true: True perfection has to be imperfect.

It’s not enough

September 24, 2014 § 2 Comments

Having motivation is not enough, it only gets you started, what keeps you going is habit.


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Patience is not the ability to wait, but how you act while you’re waiting.

My patience paid off these days 🙂

Cave time

September 22, 2014 § 2 Comments

Everyone needs some cave time, just hide yourself in a quiet place, to think, to heal and to feel.

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