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Darkness is not the opposite of light but the absence of light.

We sin, not because we’re evil but the absence of God in our hearts.

Some times, life get messy but because things are going against us but something’s missing or absent within us.


Happiness makers

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God & Church, Music & Singing, Coffee & food, Doodles and Paper54, Travel and Experiences, Friends/Lover/Family & You.

They are things that make me happy.

What makes you happy?

The Light

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People who shine from within don’t need spotlight.

Search the light in you.


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Time has a way of showing us what really matters.


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Be patient, wait for the one who love loving you. How do you know if you met a right person? Maybe simply look at this..

Love isn’t simple but we can love simply I believe.

The Hole

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All travelers have a hole in there hearts. Through the light shines from a foreign land, they then start to see what’s in that hole.Traveling is about observing the unknowns in you.

And I think.. Life is a journey, if you want, every day we can discover more and more of that hole.

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